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I am Natasha Lees, and I was born in New Zealand back in 1980. Since I was in school, I always thought about my future where having a degree or postgraduate in the career I like the most was always a constant.

That is the reason that I feel that training should be something important in secondary and tertiary education. After all, people can learn more about many things that can be useful for them later on.

In a family gathering back in 2002, I was talking with my parents about how many tertiary educators and commissions are in New Zealand. It crossed my mind to investigate what is the important role they have in our country.

I realized that a course for teens and adults who want to develop their ideas and learn new things for the future is the best choice they can take. The reason behind this? It’s simply because teens are thinking about their priorities and high-quality tertiary education is just one of many points.

Therefore, I started talking to private educators about tertiary education courses and they told me that all a good student needs to be successful is the effort to do the required training.

Even if you don’t know which career you’ll choose, don’t worry about it. We have private educators provide the best tools to help you succeed in the future. If you are interested in learning more about high-quality tertiary education courses and training, The Quality Commission is here to help you.